The content of this page is intended only as a general non-exclusive expository framework. Our 15 years of professional practice and our more than 1800 procedures have allowed us to assist the client in all branches of law, so any consultation will be taken care of. The lawyers of the firm present specializations in all branches of law. Among them are:


We assist the client in all its relations with the State, the Autonomous Community or its City Council or Regional Council, in order to assert their rights against any administration.

  • Urban regime
  • Expropriations
  • Sanctions
  • Concessions
  • Administrative contracts
  • Claims of patrimonial responsibility of the public administration


Private international law is that branch of law that deals with international conflicts of jurisdiction, conflicts of applicable law, conflicts of enforcement and determining the legal status of foreigners.

  • Processing of inheritances with an international element
  • Traffic accidents of Spanish citizens in foreign countries or of foreigners in Spain
  • Processing of family procedures (separation, divorce, annulment, adoptions) of an international character
  • Legal support to individuals, professionals and companies that need to carry out operations subject to foreign legislation




Specialists in procedures for the recognition and enforcement of judgments, other foreign executive titles and in matters with an international element, European orders for retention of accounts.

  •  Courts and competent courts
  •  Requirements of resolutions or titles
  •  Applicable regulations




Counseling, defense and private prosecution in all types of criminal proceedings. Civil liability derived from the offence.

  • Crimes against property
  • Economic crimes
  • Crimes against public health
  • Traffic offenses
  • Several lawyers specially qualified to act in the area of gender violence.


We work in everything related to civil societies, communities of goods and mercantile companies recognized by law, assisting the partner, members of the Board of Directors or the company itself.

  • Company incorporations
  • Corporate and commercial acts
  • Restructuring and modifications
  • Monitoring, disputes and settlements
  • Tax advice
  • System of administrator liability
  • Franchise and industrial and intellectual property contracts
  • Subsidies of national and European entities and bodies
  • Contract bids and pre-contracts of creditors


Our collaborations with farm management professionals have made the firm a specialist in horizontal property issues, in matters relating to the Housing Board and, in accordance with the agreements adopted, in the claim of constructive defects to developers, builders, optional management and liability insurance.

  • Regime of housing association
  • Claims for housing association fees
  • Installation of elevators and derived problems
  • Responsibility of the manufacturer
  • Claim of constructive defects to the promoters and constructors, as well as to facultative direction to obtain the repair of the same ones or the compensation for the prejudices suffered


In its 15 years of existence, the firm has worked in the customer’s interest for all of the client´s legal – private relations, from the prior consultation to a possible contracting up to, where appropriate, legal assistance to resolve the case.

  • Family law
  • Separations and divorces also with an international element
  • Guardianship
  • Disabilities
  • Succession
  • Royal rights
  • Contracting in all branches of law. Contract resolution. Compensation and penalties


We offer a special service of advice and integral follow-up to companies in an equalization system, including all types of actions, both extrajudicial and judicial.

  • A special advisory and comprehensive monitoring service is offered to companies under an equal treatment regime, including all types of actions, both extrajudicial and judicial.


We perform all procedural and extra-procedural procedures to achieve the recovery by the client of the amounts owed by individuals and companies.

  • Credit recovery service for Spanish and foreign companies in Spain and abroad
  • Advice in the client’s language
  • 24-hour out-of-court claims
  • Notary and judicial monitoring
  • All types of court proceedings for quantity claims throughout the European Union


We process all types of claims to insurance companies or on behalf of them, throughout Europe, due to the unique legislative framework in the matter.

  • Claims for accidents resulting from traffic accidents and compensation for personal injuries and materials
  • Civil liability of professionals
  • Home insurance
  • Compensation for life and disability insurance


Assistance to workers and employers in labor matters of all kinds.

  • Hiring
  • Dismissals
  • Disciplinary regime of workers
  • Work accidents
  • Occupational diseases and disabilities
  • Employment regulation (ERE) files for suspension or termination of work.


Due to the international vocation that our firm has had, since its inception, and due to the increasing globalization of legal and economic interests, in 2010 we decided to create a department specialized in juridical and sworn translations, dedicated mainly to writing, translation or review, in different languages, of contracts, deeds and all kinds of documents with legal relevance and linguistic legal advice in business meetings, negotiations and content related to the law. Our work was initially directed expressly to the clients of the firm, however, quickly, due to the efficiency and quality of the work carried out, we began to receive orders from external third parties until we had to consider a specific dedication to this current facet of the legal world . All the members of the firm and the collaborators that we have are licensed in law and have a deep knowledge of the procedural, extraprocess and legal scientific field.

“We work for people and companies with all our knowledge and experience”

CAPPETTA DE SANTIAGO SUÁREZ ABOGADOS offers its assistance and legal advice services to individuals and legal entities in the different areas of specialization of their lawyers, who work in close collaboration and constant communication with the client.

— Daniel J. Suárez Menéndez