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-Degree in Law

– Tutor / Italian Jury Interpreter

– Maturità Classica



December 1996

– Degree in Law from the University of Oviedo.

May 1997

Title of Translator / Interpreter Jury of Italian by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain. At the moment the official list of the MAE is inscribed.

– High School: Title of Maturità Classica by the Classico Liceo of San Donato Milanese.

– Participation in numerous Conventions and Courses of training and professional specialization.
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– Founding Partner of CAPPETTA DE SANTIAGO SUÁREZ ABOGADOS S.C. Currently Founding Partner and Administrator of CADESU ABOGADOS, S.L., a law firm with offices in Oviedo, Valladolid and Milan.

– Lawyer in office since 1997, inscribed in the Illustrious Bar Association of Oviedo with the number 3950. Since 2009, registered at the Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano.


– From December 1997 to July 1999, he carries out his professional activity in ALONSO CUERVO ABOGADOS, Oviedo, in the Civil, Mercantile and Corporate Law sector, engaging both in judicial and extrajudicial matters, in drafting contracts, Statutes and all kinds of documents.

– Legal advisory and reporting activity for companies in the production and marketing sector of textiles, construction, air navigation and civil protection and transport.

– Through his training, he carries out legal / linguistic advice activities, writing letters, documents and contracts in different languages.

– From August 1999 to April 2000, he practiced in his own professional office in Oviedo, specializing in Labor and Criminal Tax Law, as an adviser and lawyer of Italian companies and individuals with residence or establishment in Spanish territory and , Vice versa, of Spanish nationality with interests in Italy, both in judicial and.

– On May 1, 2000, together with the Attorneys Iván de Santiago González and Daniel Suárez Menéndez, united by an old friendship and common goals, founded the office CAPPETTA DE SANTIAGO SUÁREZ ABOGADOS, with its original headquarters in Oviedo. Two years later, with the same partners, he formed CADESU ABOGADOS, S.L., of which he is co-manager. Currently, the firm has offices in Oviedo, Valladolid and Milan and is composed of law, economics and tax professionals and external collaborators in the different areas of interest.

– Since 2009, it belongs to the Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano and is directly involved and in a team to provide advice in favor of Spanish companies with interests in Italy and Italians with activity in Spain.

– Since 2010 partner and legal adviser of CONSULTING OF INGENIERÍA Y NEGOCIOS S.L., a Spanish company that is dedicated to the development activity of projects in the energy and engineering sector in Europe, Middle East and South America.

– In 2015 he was responsible for the Criminal Law Area in the area of the Master’s Degree in Access to Law, organized by the University of Nebrija in Madrid, in collaboration with foreign academic institutions.

– Since 1997 Translator / Interpreter Jury of Italian by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain. Specialized in civil, mercantile and tax and material contracts, also performing legal / linguistic advice and support in international negotiation for clients of the firm.

– Translator of literary works and scientific articles for private and Spanish and foreign publishers, in their free time.


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